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Laser Eye Surgery – A Patient’s Diary


I started waring glasses when I was 11 years old. Three years later I opted for contact lenses and they have since been part of my daily life.

At 15 I was offered the opportunity to get a laser eye treatment in Belgium. My parents showed me a video on how the operation was done but it horrified me so much that I chose to stick to my contact lenses and I forgot about the chance on a perfect eyesight.

Many years later my husband and I moved to South Africa.


Cataract Surgery From 500Bc Till Today

Being one of the oldest surgical procedures in medicine, cataract surgery has certainly came a long way from the procedures described in Sanskrit manuscripts dating from the 5th century BC by the ancient Indian surgeon Shusruta. In this procedures called “couching”, the lens was simply dislodged to the back of the eye and left there….

Constant Red Eyes

Author – Dr Japie Grové One of the most common problems encountered by ophthalmologists is that of chronic red and irritated eyes. Studies show the problem to be more prevalent among woman and people older than age 50. Although there are hundreds of possible causes for this problem, the three major culprits are Dry eye…

Lasik Surgery – Is It Worth It

LASIK ( laser refractive surgery) has gained word wide acceptance over the last twenty years. It is performed for example in the USA on air force pilots and active servicemen in the navy and army. With between 16 and 20 million procedures already done worldwide it is considered one of the most successful elective (non…

What If I’m Not Suitable For Lasik

Author : Dr Japie Grové Ten years ago you were simply told that you do not qualify for LASIK surgery – period. That left you with the traditional options of either spectacles or contact lenses, quite disappointing for a young active person with a huge spectacle prescription and intolerance to contact lenses. Fortunately alternative options…

Corneal Cross Linking

The disease is characterised by thinning and conuslike protrusion of the cornea. The Definition of Keratoconus Keratoconus is a congenital disease of the cornea (autosomal dominant or autosomal recessive) and it belongs to the large group of hereditary corneal dystrophies. The disease is characterised by thinning and conuslike protrusion of the cornea. This is due…

What Causes Myopia

It was once John Lennon. Now Harry Potter has become the latest folk hero to be recognized by his trademark glasses. For others with severe high myopia, the consequences can be much more than the nuisance of thick heavy glasses, but actual blindness due to retinal degeneration. Myopia has become a plague of western society…

Avastin Intravitreal Injection

Macular oedema or swelling around the macula that affects vision but does not respond adequately to the usual treatment methods. Without effective treatment vision loss could progress and become permanent. Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) is the leading cause of blindness in people over 50 years of age. It is caused by the breakdown if the…